There’s Always Something Good

“As a mother, your child is your most precious gift. And if that were ever taken away from me I would hurt no matter what I did to cause it. “And I also understand that there’s a connection just by virtue … Read more

Being There When It’s Hard

“My name is Shelley Tucker. I have a family of four; three adopted and one foster son. “My 19-year-old get arrested. He was 17 years old, his first time, and he got arrested for marijuana. I had him go to … Read more

Never Give Up on Hope

“We have four; two biological sons and two adopted daughters.” “Delaney was adopted in 2002 from Kazakhstan and Nadia was adopted in 2007 from Russia. We got home back to Texas and you know everything . . . it just … Read more

It’s Okay to Reach Out for Help

“We went to the zoo and it was a family outing. And, as the time started to progress, I could see my son completely start to fall apart. We knew it was time to leave, but we had already waited … Read more

All My Pride Aside

“One specific day where we had, I’d have to say the worst day ever, was a Sunday. Dad and I were gone to the grocery store and we got a call from our oldest daughter saying that our child was … Read more

Am I Good Enough?

“I have three biological adult children and I have adopted eight children from foster care. There was a time when we brought our one son into our home who was seven and there were many nights that I would cry … Read more

No Matter What

“We never know what to expect for our kids. And that’s the scary part.” “We’ve been asked so many times, ‘why did you adopt her?’” “So you’ve got that coming at you. ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ … Read more


Why Adoptive Families Need Support

“Hi, I’m Oriana Carey. I’m the CEO for the Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families. “Every child—every child—deserves a “no matter what” family. Even if somebody has some challenges, I’m gonna be with them no matter what. Even if they … Read more