Grief is Part of the Fabric of Adoption

Peg: “Grief is part of the fabric of adoption. Grief is a piece of adoption picture that is there. Our children grieve, their parents grieve. Oftentimes, if families have fertility issues, they grieve that perfect child that they thought they … Read more

Take Time to Recharge

Shelley: “I’m going to college. I’m parenting four kids. I have a part-time job and I do hair on the side. So that’s two jobs. And I go to school and I help the kids with their homework. You never … Read more

Growing from Compassion to Empathy

“So, our children have really kind of grown up, you know, with lots of different children coming in and out of our home, lots of different cultures, exposure to a lot of different situations. When they were younger, there wasn’t … Read more

Building Strong Sibling Bonds

Stephanie: “So we have eight children and four of them are adopted, merging them together as brothers and sisters was kind of difficult because we really had to say, now these children will be your brothers and sisters. You will … Read more

How Parenting Again Changed Our Lives

Pam:  “They call me ‘Grandma.’ The youngest one calls me ‘Mom’ sometimes, and the other kids look at her and she goes, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, Grandma.’ “So my husband and I adopted our two grandchildren and we are fostering two … Read more

In It Together: Fostering as a Family

Jessie: “There’s no way that we could anticipate it—it was losing kids that they legitimately think of as their siblings.” Dave: “The reunification process has been tougher for them because we can see the ultimate goal; the ultimate goal of … Read more

Am I Equipped?

“I think the toughest part for me is my own sense of self-confidence. Am I equipped, am I able? And I think I have a lot of self-doubt in terms of caring for the needs of this child and feeling … Read more

Ask What Happened not What’s Wrong

“When you take children in that have to be removed from their family because of, you know, neglect or abuse, there’s going to be a lot of things that come along with the trauma. There’s going to be behaviors. There’s … Read more

Learning to Be a Trust-Based Family

Gretchen:  “So, when we first got Benjy’s paperwork, it was really overwhelming. He was described as a very angry child and his neural psych evaluation had described him with so much trauma and abuse, neglect, things that we were just … Read more

Who are “No Matter What” Families?

Oriana: “Many of our families are just amazing people that had. This calling inside of them to help kids.” Jen: “No matter what she slings my way, I’m always going to love her. And I made the pledge to always … Read more