In It Together: Fostering as a Family

Jessie: “There’s no way that we could anticipate it—it was losing kids that they legitimately think of as their siblings.” Dave: “The reunification process has been tougher for them because we can see the ultimate goal; the ultimate goal of … Read more

Am I Equipped?

“I think the toughest part for me is my own sense of self-confidence. Am I equipped, am I able? And I think I have a lot of self-doubt in terms of caring for the needs of this child and feeling … Read more

Ask What Happened not What’s Wrong

“When you take children in that have to be removed from their family because of, you know, neglect or abuse, there’s going to be a lot of things that come along with the trauma. There’s going to be behaviors. There’s … Read more

Learning to Be a Trust-Based Family

Gretchen:  “So, when we first got Benjy’s paperwork, it was really overwhelming. He was described as a very angry child and his neural psych evaluation had described him with so much trauma and abuse, neglect, things that we were just … Read more

Who are “No Matter What” Families?

Oriana: “Many of our families are just amazing people that had. This calling inside of them to help kids.” Jen: “No matter what she slings my way, I’m always going to love her. And I made the pledge to always … Read more

A Reunification Journey

“Currently, we are a family of six; four children and my husband and I. And, we always said that we wanted to adopt someday, we just didn’t know what that was going to look like. And so we said, why … Read more

Compassion for Birth Families

“When I was 21, I had, I had a daughter. Well, at that time I was living in my car or sometimes sleeping underneath a picnic table in a park, being heavily involved in drugs. And I just, I didn’t … Read more

What Do My Child’s Behaviors Mean?

“The behavior thing is a symptom of something deep down. And so often we can look at these children and just look at their behaviors and not understand why they’re doing them. Nicholas would get up in the middle of … Read more

Love Them Through It

“When my daughter was placed with me, it was made well known to me the trauma that she had come from, which was pretty severe physical and emotional and sexual abuse and that can be hard stuff to deal with … Read more

Fostering the Family

Dave:  “We got involved in foster care with we thought to help kids in need of help. I don’t think either of us realized, and even with her working in the field, realized how much we can help the parents … Read more