There’s Always Something Good

Foster and adoptive mom Verneesha talks about keeping the lines of communication open between her daughter and her birth mother.

“As a mother, your child is your most precious gift. And if that were ever taken away from me I would hurt no matter what I did to cause it.

“And I also understand that there’s a connection just by virtue of the fact that you carried that child for nine months and that child is going to be connected even if they never knew that parent physically. And so I think kids deserve to know where they came from and birth parents deserve to know that their kids are gonna be okay.

“With my daughter, initially I took her to the jail to meet her mom for the first time when she was an infant. Mom was gonna fight it and she had lost three other kids to care. We met we talked for three hours and we went to court and she said you know she knew that this was the best option because she was able to meet me.

“I really believe she knew, you know, what she could handle in terms of contact. But my position is I always want that period to be able to reach out if she wants to and not close a door. I’ve kept the same phone number for her mom to reach out to us. She never has, but I will keep the same phone number.

“My daughter has questions about who she is. Some, a lot, of them I can’t answer. We have one photo of her brother. One photo of her mom and that’s it. But as my daughter gets older she knows that I did everything I could to keep that connection because I think it’s that important.

“I think that that child needs to know that they came from something good. I can’t give them that history. If I can help them stay connected to their birth parent, there’s always something good there. And that’s the part that I want my child to walk away from, in terms of their knowledge of their birth parent.”






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