Take Time to Recharge

When parenting feels overwhelming and unmanageable, you need to take time to recharge. These parents share their advice, tips, and insights to help you never give up.

Shelley: “I’m going to college. I’m parenting four kids. I have a part-time job and I do hair on the side. So that’s two jobs. And I go to school and I help the kids with their homework. You never have too many times yourself. You have to learn how to take times to yourself.”

Betsy: “We don’t even reach out to each other because we know that, I know my friends are struggling. So I don’t, like, ask them sometimes for respite or for help because I know they’ve got a meltdown going on, too. And I’ve got a meltdown going on. But I really think you need to create and connect and create your own little family.”

Jermaine: “Yeah, we both do work full time and it’s quite . . . work is actually a relief sometimes!”

Stephanie: “People say, wait, you have eight kids and you work full time? Both of you? And I’m like, yeah. Don’t I get a break? Work is my break, right?”

Magdalia: “So, when you have a child that needs a particularly larger amount of attention than your other children, it’s overwhelming as a parent. And there’s only so much time in a day to split that all up and to manage through it. And then you have to filter through all of the other stressors of life. Sometimes it felt unmanageable.”

Yvonne: “Those are the days where you’d you have to go take a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine or go read a book or go for a walk, spend some time with a friend or your husband or whoever.”

Stephanie: “Our first defense, when we’re feeling overwhelmed, is our family. We do have a good support network in our family and in both our sets of parents, actually, but they are really our go to’s. If we need a break, we’ll say, hey, can you take the kids? You know, Jermaine and I just gonna go and enjoy being Jermaine and Stephanie.”

Peg: “I’ve seen so many times where families, you know, they just get so frustrated and so upset and hurt and take it personally that they can’t give anymore. And it’s important to get support for yourself and to be able to keep coming back, you know, get your cup refilled.”

Magdalia: “So reaching out to the people in your life, whether they completely understand what you’re going through or don’t. And just being able to say, hey, I’m struggling.”

Shelley: “It’s a lot of work and things that I do to get away is I have a ‘me day.’ I have older kids that can babysit and we have a check-in point. I call in and see how the kids are doing. If I feel at times it’s a little bit overwhelming for the older kids that take care of the younger kids, I drop them off at daycare or I drop them off at my sister’s and get some of those, those favors that I do. I get them back.”

Stephanie: “Because at the end of the day, if Mom and Dad aren’t great, the kids won’t be great either.”

Yvonne: “And then I know they call that recharging your batteries, but sometimes it’s just like a huge deep breath, you know, I’m just catching my breath.”



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