No Matter What

The parents in this video give you a brief glance at what it means to be a "no matter what" family.

“We never know what to expect for our kids. And that’s the scary part.”

“We’ve been asked so many times, ‘why did you adopt her?’”

“So you’ve got that coming at you. ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ ‘How is this affecting your kid?’ ‘You’re really stressed out.’ ‘Are you going to take in another child?’”

“And sometimes you do want to give up.”

“And this pain and this anguish and the sadness . . . I don’t know if I can take care of my kid.”

“This is really out of my hands.”

“I actually thought I was going crazy.”

“Somebody help me figure this out.”

“But we didn’t address all the stuff they’ve been through.”

“We don’t know what to do with this.”

“If kids know that they have somebody to rely on they can get better.”

“Those people that have me, they understand that’s not me. That’s what my trauma looks like coming out.”

“With all of his scars . . .”

“He said to me, ‘why do you love me?’”

“. . . All of his demons . . .”

“’I’m so awful to you.’”

“. . . All of his negative thoughts . . .”

“Every day, all I do is hurt you.”

“. . . Every single thing about him . . .”

“And you just still love me.”

“. . . And we would work through life together.”

“We made a commitment when those kids stepped in our door . . .”

“She showed us how to be parents . . .”

“. . . to help them be better people.”

“. . . how to love harder . . .”

“Her life is worth me saying,”

“. . . Not to give up,”

“’All my pride aside,’”

“It’s not something that you can do.”

“’How can I help my child?’”

“Okay I can do this. We’re gonna figure it out; and you do.”

“When I made that commitment to be their mom it meant I was going to be their mom through it all.”

“But you still gotta stay strong and run the race.”

“If you’re my kid you’re my kid. No matter what.”



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