Small Victories

Small Steps Make Big Gains

Stephanie:  Oh, well, we have eight kids all together and four of them are adopted. It was difficult being a foster parent, initially, our children came with some pretty tough behaviors. Jermaine:  Some were like mental abuse, physical abuse, even … Read more

Growing from Compassion to Empathy

“So, our children have really kind of grown up, you know, with lots of different children coming in and out of our home, lots of different cultures, exposure to a lot of different situations. When they were younger, there wasn’t … Read more

Being There When It’s Hard

“My name is Shelley Tucker. I have a family of four; three adopted and one foster son. “My 19-year-old get arrested. He was 17 years old, his first time, and he got arrested for marijuana. I had him go to … Read more