Family Connections

Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story Sarah:  Everyone has a story, and all of our actions we have have a story, there’s a reason. Learning that in anyone you meet, if you get to know them, you learn a lot about why … Read more

Building Strong Sibling Bonds

Stephanie: “So we have eight children and four of them are adopted, merging them together as brothers and sisters was kind of difficult because we really had to say, now these children will be your brothers and sisters. You will … Read more

In It Together: Fostering as a Family

Jessie: “There’s no way that we could anticipate it—it was losing kids that they legitimately think of as their siblings.” Dave: “The reunification process has been tougher for them because we can see the ultimate goal; the ultimate goal of … Read more

A Reunification Journey

“Currently, we are a family of six; four children and my husband and I. And, we always said that we wanted to adopt someday, we just didn’t know what that was going to look like. And so we said, why … Read more

Compassion for Birth Families

“When I was 21, I had, I had a daughter. Well, at that time I was living in my car or sometimes sleeping underneath a picnic table in a park, being heavily involved in drugs. And I just, I didn’t … Read more

Fostering the Family

Dave:  “We got involved in foster care with we thought to help kids in need of help. I don’t think either of us realized, and even with her working in the field, realized how much we can help the parents … Read more

There’s Always Something Good

“As a mother, your child is your most precious gift. And if that were ever taken away from me I would hurt no matter what I did to cause it. “And I also understand that there’s a connection just by virtue … Read more