Doubts and Fears

Am I Equipped?

“I think the toughest part for me is my own sense of self-confidence. Am I equipped, am I able? And I think I have a lot of self-doubt in terms of caring for the needs of this child and feeling … Read more

Learning to Be a Trust-Based Family

Gretchen:  “So, when we first got Benjy’s paperwork, it was really overwhelming. He was described as a very angry child and his neural psych evaluation had described him with so much trauma and abuse, neglect, things that we were just … Read more

It’s Okay to Reach Out for Help

“We went to the zoo and it was a family outing. And, as the time started to progress, I could see my son completely start to fall apart. We knew it was time to leave, but we had already waited … Read more

All My Pride Aside

“One specific day where we had, I’d have to say the worst day ever, was a Sunday. Dad and I were gone to the grocery store and we got a call from our oldest daughter saying that our child was … Read more

Am I Good Enough?

“I have three biological adult children and I have adopted eight children from foster care. There was a time when we brought our one son into our home who was seven and there were many nights that I would cry … Read more