The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families is the single source for neutral, objective, and current information about every aspect of foster care and adoption in Wisconsin; a trusted and continuing presence through every stage of a family’s foster or adoption experience.

Our fundamental purpose is to strengthen foster and adoptive families, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to continually move toward resilience and stability.

Many children in the foster care and adoption system have faced traumas in their early lives, and the effects of trauma follow these children into their new families, surfacing as behaviors that can be perplexing, disruptive, and even heartbreaking.

As wonderful and rewarding as parenting these children can be, the process sometimes demands heroic efforts by parents. The stress can build up, sometimes leaving parents feeling like they’re out of answers, hopeless, and alone.

No Matter What: Stories of Hope and Resilience features real foster and adoptive parents who have overcome obstacles and challenges and provides hope and inspiration for others on a similar journey.

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